– Kelly Osbourne med photo shoot og intervju for Glamour Magazine

Personlig synes jeg Kelly er en av de flotteste jentene i Hollywood for øyeblikket. Sist jeg påpekte dette, var da Kelly stilte på Cosmopolitan sin Ultimate Women Of The Year Awards i London.

Hun skuffer heller ikke denne gangen, når Glamour inviterer henne til intervju og photo shoot. Stylingen er kanskje ikke fantastisk, men jeg skulle gjerne hatt nummeret til denne fotografen, for bildene er imponerende gode.

You grew up in such a unique family. How did they impact your style?

«Because [of them] I’ve seen the world and been exposed to all walks of life. It has a major impact on how I dress and who I am. I have this ability to really not care if people don’t like what I’m wearing.»

In that vein, when did you start using your hair to express yourself?

«When I was 13, I had hair the color of gold down to my butt. I had an argument with my mom and yelled, “F–k you!” and chopped off half my hair. My dad could not look at me without pissing himself laughing.»

Your mom’s not a fan of your new trademark lavender either, right?

«She wishes I would go back to blond. She’ll call me, really serious, and say, “I think it’s time for a change.” I’m like, “Mom, you have hair the color of a fire engine.”

You’ve tried tons of shades. Why not your mom’s?

«I would look like her mini- me. I tried red once, and I looked like a carrot. I also wouldn’t go too brown, because then I would look like my father. But I’ve tried green, blue, purple, black. The lavender I really like.»

What do you say to people who snipe about your own risky, fabulous hair?

«I dyed my hair shades of gray because I like it, and it pissed a lot of people off. Now I get tweeted 20 pictures a day of girls coloring their hair like mine. So if you don’t like it, sorry—you have housewife hair.»

Those eyes <3

For flere bilder og et lengre intervju, kjøp bladet ;)

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